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Thread: Project 2007 - Scroll wheel Zoom function

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    Project 2007 - Scroll wheel Zoom function

    Hi, I use Project 2007 and recently the zoom function using the CTRL key and the scroll wheel in gantt view for timescale has stopped working. Anyone know how to resolve this issue? It works fine in Office 2007.

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    Re: Project 2007 - Scroll wheel Zoom function

    Has it stopped working on all project files or just one? I still see it working in Project 2007 on Windows 7 -- so sorry I can't possibly guess what is going on.

    Have you installed new software? New hardware?

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    Re: Project 2007 - Scroll wheel Zoom function

    If you want to quickly zoom in or out then you can simply try to press CTRL key and move your mouse scroll wheel up and down. You can try to scroll down or upto zoom in or zoom out. With the help of this shortcut it is quite handy and can be also used in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or Internet Explorer browser if you want.

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    Re: Project 2007 - Scroll wheel Zoom function

    You can also try to zoom and pan by using the Pan & Zoom window

    1. Open the Pan & Zoom window in either of two ways:
      1. In the status bar, near the zoom slider, click the Pan & Zoom window button Pan and zoom button.
      2. On the View tab, in the Show group, click Task Panes, and then click Pan & Zoom.
    2. In the Pan & Zoom window, if you do not see a red box, drag to create a red box. The red box indicates the region of the page that is shown in the drawing window.
    3. Resize the red box by dragging a side until it fits the area that you want to magnify.
    4. Pan to view other sections of the diagram by clicking inside the red box and dragging the box over the section you want to view.

    More methods can be found here -

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