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Thread: How to make this graph? BCWS S-curve over time

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    How to make this graph? BCWS S-curve over time

    How do I make this graph on pg 6 ( in MS project 2003/2010 .

    My manager is asking to see total BCWS by resource and percentage of budgets.


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    Re: How to make this graph? BCWS S-curve over time

    There less know information on that option in MS project. By the way the program is conceptualized do not think you can associate the activity directly as well as we do with the written comments, as you well you say we are going to handle graphics and the manager would still not have the P3 or MS project. You can create a graphical database which would be easier to pear when making your presentation. But my answer for now is that there is a direct function.

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    Re: How to make this graph? BCWS S-curve over time

    Even I am facing similar issues with BCWS. I have tried to set the Preject status Date to the last date of the project and exporting BCWS values to excel I was suppose to be able to have a projected S-curve for all the timeline of the project which will work as a frozen baseline to track project performance advances. But if I am updating Project progress and changing the status date to a previous date so that I can see how the project is performing then I get that BCWS values for the same dates changed so how is it possible? Thanks

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    Re: How to make this graph? BCWS S-curve over time

    BCWS is calculated by Project only upto the status date. Once the date is over then BCWS shoud be 0. From your stored baseline BCWS comes which is fixed. So to retain an S curve, you will have to just export and after that you need to manually take your BCWP and ACWP and each status date and then expand your graph in Excel. Hope this helps.

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