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Thread: What are the best option available in Microsoft Project to track a schedule

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    What are the best option available in Microsoft Project to track a schedule

    I need some help here to find out the best way to track a schedule in Microsoft Project. I am not able to find out the working way on the same. I had seen that there are some options available like Special Views, Filter, Custom field, etc that can help a much better tracking. I am sure there are some options that really work well. I am already keeping a note of points that are available in the documentation, but I think those who are using it from long time can provide a faster way of doing this.

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    There are many things you can go for. I am going to list some of them which will be easier for you to understand and use. First you have to ensure that following things are done well. That is there is no unfinished work left to the status date. There must be also no unstarted work. Many detailed task that you had added in the project has predecessors and successors. You can also track weekly basis from the calendar and there you will get a short view of what you are looking for.

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    You must set a status date to get the information on every progress. I think that would help you to deal with schedule tracking. For that you must first being with saving a baseline then check the tracking in Gantt Clew. You can also check out Tracking Table and Tracking toolbar which will help you to collect more information here. Also you have to check many updates that you are getting on work or on the cost. There are number of various settings that can be checked and work very well. It is necessary that you keep a eye on the documentation.

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    I think you can use the idea of constraints here. It must be helpful but there is some issue with that. Sometime it does not properly. Tracking is entirely different topic in Microsoft Project and it works very well. There can be chances that you will not be able to understand all the features completely. I am providing you some helpful links there which has enough information on tracking. The more your concept is clear the more you can work on the same.

    Fast-track tasks to shorten your project schedule
    Find out if your project is on track using baselines

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    I am a planning engineer. I am using MSP for my project. I find many problems during tracking. I will really appreciate the support if somebody will help me.
    1) My first question is that what is the perfect method of tracking a schedule.
    Is it to enter % completion and remaining duration ( but sometimes % completion gets changed.) Or entering % completion and letting microsoft project to rescedule the unfinished work.

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