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Thread: Project crashing, .mpp Corrupt

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    Project crashing, .mpp Corrupt

    When attempting to open a specific .mpp file I receive this error message: "There was a problem opening this project last time, do you want to attempt a repair?" If I choose yes or no for the repair I still get the same result after, which is another message saying:

    "This action will cause a scheduling conflict. Task 266 of XXX with status upd...'has a task constraint or is linked to a task that cannot move, and as a result the constraint or the link cannot be set. You can, cancel or continue."

    No matter what I choose from here Project will crash and ask to send an error report and will restart Project. If only does this for one .mpp I have no problem with others and I have tested this file on multiple PCs and on both Project 2003 and Project 2007. All office updates and service packs have been installed. So it looks like to me that this file is corrupt somehow. Does anyone know how I can go about recovering this file? I had tried a Project file recover tool that I deleted after doing a Google search but it said that there was nothing wrong with the file.

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    Re: Project crashing, .mpp Corrupt

    First of I will suggest you to open a new File in Project and then insert this existing file into the same. Because of the way Project stores files, file fragmentation may be the basic cause. To make sure this isn’t the problem: open your .mpp file then select File/Save immediately before doing any other action.

    Only if you save immediately after opening does Project defragment its .mpp file. If you do not have external links in your file, (i.e. resource pool, master with subprojects, etc.), then a good practice is to always use Save As instead of a straight Save with your file after editing.

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    Re: Project crashing, .mpp Corrupt

    Have you done backups? If you have a corrupt file situation then the system might not be able to generate an error message. You can check this link to troubleshoot the problem more - In this article you will get to know how to use Event Viewer to get information on system crashes. And also check this article at -

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    Re: Project crashing, .mpp Corrupt

    There is a tool called Project Recovery Toolbox that can be used to recover information from corrupted Microsoft Project files (files in the .MPP format). Project Recovery Toolbox is designed to get you and your team back to work on projects in the shortest possible time. Project Recovery Toolbox solves the problem of lost Microsoft Project data as it's designed to recover the project plan and project management tool.

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