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Thread: No sound from MCE but everything else works

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    No sound from MCE but everything else works

    I’m having a Dell Inspiron 6000 running with XP Media Center Edition 2005. I have connected AverMedia AverTV Hybrid+FM Cardbus with the same which worked fine for a day. From the next day, though everything is fine in Media Center, I’m not able to get any sound. Sound has stopped working only in Media Center, rest all such as Youtube, music, windows sounds, etc are working fine. Problem is only with recorded or Live TV in Media Center. I think the problem is with Card itself but I don’t know what to do and how to fix it.

    As a workaround I updated all drivers, unplugged and plugged the cables again. Also the signals from all MUXs at the broadcasting company seem to fine and strong. Then what could be the problem? Somebody please provide some solutions. Thank you.

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    Re: No sound from MCE but everything else works

    At one place you said you are not getting sound in Media Center, then once you also said sound wont work only with TV. Does that means that when you play any DVD or music in Media Center you are getting sound?

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    Re: No sound from MCE but everything else works

    Thanks for your reply Epstein and sorry for my late reply. I shutdown my computer on 30th December and started it today. I read your post and went to find out if am getting sound from DVDs, but don’t know what happened in these two days, now I’m also getting sound from Live TV in media Center. I means everything is working fine automatically. SO thanks for your interest.

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    If anyone else is still suffering this same issue, I thought I would add to this as it helped me find a resolution

    I also found this to be related to Power DVD, but not because of the version installed.

    basically after re-installing my OS I couldn't hear any sound in MCE live TV yet it would work fine using Win TV? after reading it may be something to do with Power DVD? I went to check what version I had, I found that I hadn't yet activated the bundled version I got with my PC.

    I entered the activation code and now sound works fine.
    Not sure why this should affect MCE live TV but it may also be affected by demo and trial versions?

    Hope this helps

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