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Thread: What is 'Indiv02.key' it is constantly crashing Media Center and Internet Explorer

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    What is 'Indiv02.key' it is constantly crashing Media Center and Internet Explorer

    I am using Windows Vista on my computer and Windows Media Center Receiver Service crashes at booting. Also the internet explorer 7 crashes anytime it tries to do something DRM related. I am not able to use Media Center at all and I am unable to view DRM content with Internet Explorer as well. I am getting the fault module Indiv02.key or Indiv02_64.key in every cases and I think it is some sort of hidden DRM related .dll file which is causing the problem? Already tried system restore but it didnt work, can anyone tell me how to repair this corrupted DRM files? Thanks.

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    re: What is 'Indiv02.key' it is constantly crashing Media Center and Internet Explorer

    Even I was facing this issue but now I have solved it by running: C:\Program Files\Netflix\Netflix Movie Viewer\ResetDRM.exe. I didnt use any special DRM content and I though that I will lose all of the TV shows that I have recorded in Media Center when I reset the DRM. But after I ran the ResetDRM.exe it just normally worked for me.

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    I also had the same issue and to fix this I had to delete the whole DRM folder which was under C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\DRM\Cache. So, the steps that I took was:
    1. First of all killed all instances of Internet Explorer using Task Manager
    2. After that I renamed the DRM directory under C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\DRM
    3. After that I ran Internet Explorer as administrator and then ran the DRM Upgrade at

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    Hey guys,
    Im also getting a problem with indiv02.key, all the songs that I have bought legally off keep closing any and every media plyer/centre i run them in. i have tried all of the above methods but cannot find the file. I'm not an expert in computers is there any chance someone could email me or post her on what to do? i have contacted both ript and my media centres people and asked them and waiting on a response. I have not experienced trouble with IE yet and i dont know or cant find the cache file said above and i dont know what netflix i think it is. If someone could please help and in simple terms i could understand lol.


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    I have the identical problem, also caused by Netflix, but am running Media Center over XP ( Media Center Edition 2002 SP2 ). Including no luck with ResetDRM.

    Can anyone take me through the steps for XP?

    ( I hit an immediate roadblock looking for the path C:\ProgramData. This must be new to Vista?? )

    Many, many thanks in advance...!!

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    re: What is 'Indiv02.key' it is constantly crashing Media Center and Internet Explorer

    Better late than never, I hope ...

    The DRM directory can be found in c:\Documents and Settings\All Users
    Other than that, Pilars directions appears to have resolved the issue with IE crashing with the indiv02.key error when doing streaming videos from Netflix.

    If you have Windows Media Player installed, you may also have to stop/kill the wmpnetwork service (wmpnetwk.exe)

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    re: What is 'Indiv02.key' it is constantly crashing Media Center and Internet Explorer

    I had this same problem with my windows media player, although not in relation to IE or other programs.

    I deleted the indiv02.key file from C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\DRM\Cache, bingo, WMP works fine now.

    I think the indiv files are just the files to play the songs that come with WMP for free. because none of those songs worked after I did it.

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