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Thread: Blu-Ray playing on Vista Media Centre Software question

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    Blu-Ray playing on Vista Media Centre Software question

    I need some help here to find out support for Blu Ray disc on Windows Media Player. I am using Windows Vista. I cannot figure out any way to play blu ray disc on it. I thought it is going to work well so I bought one for testing. But Media Center is not playing it. There is a unknown video format detected and it is really very annoying. Is there any option available that can provide me help to run blu ray videos on Windows Media Center.

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    There might be some plugin for that. According to me Windows Media Center has no option to play blu ray files. This are some new format appeared recently. I think you will need to buy a blu ray dvd player for your system. And if the file is copied in your system then you have to find a media player that can run the file or simply arrange a proper update for the same.

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    You need the right hardware for that. Media Center has some set of plugins that really help you to run blu ray files. In my system I have to arrange a blu ray player. My regular DVD does not plays it at all. I had copied the file somehow to the system and then downloaded a separate player. But it does not work in Windows Media Player. There yet not update available that can read this format properly. Even if it reads somehow the audio quality is just worthless.

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    I had upgraded my system hardware wise to run blu ray on my widescreen TV. I had connected thato Vista media center. At start there was no output at all. I had some set of disc that has blu ray movie print. I contacted the merchant who sold it. He said your system must have a blu ray supported device to run it. I ordered one and added it. But still Media Center failed to stream it on the TV. Later on web I found a blu ray media player. Through that I was able to get proper display on dual screen mode. So this is clear that Media Center does not has blu ray support.

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    It is recommended that you must avoid that for start. You need a dedicated hardware for that and then only it works. Without appropriate software and hardware support it is not going to work. Even if you manage to get a proper hardware for that then there are chances that with appropriate codec Media Center will be able to stream the content. And for that you will have to find some possible blu ray plugins.

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