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Thread: Configuration of AT&T Uverse on Windows Media Center

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    Configuration of AT&T Uverse on Windows Media Center

    I am going to subscribe for AT&T Uverse service. It is a online TV. There are two TV tuner card in my system. There is also a receiver attached. Here the receiver is working fine, and also the media center. But somehow I am not able to stream Uverse on the system. I am unable to stream it properly. Other online TV and a regular set top box look to be working fine. I am not able to understand what is the exact issue behind that.

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    The online tv that you subscribed is IPTV. And due to that you might not be able configure that on your Media Center. Is there a guide on the web which is available that can help you to do the same. There will be some process available. IPTV is streamed directly on high speed internet bandwidth and you have to use some kind of special device that can stream it to your pc. TV Tuner is not going to work here.

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    I am using Motorola Verse box. The configuration was proper and there was no issue with the connectivity. But somehow the receiver is not working. It is detected and still there is no update on the web. I had used UVerse devices before but not able not figure out why this is not working. I had seen some video on web where users were able to connect that on Media Center. But the process looks very complicated and that is the reason I am ignoring the same.

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    I also just got att uverse. i agree with you that the picture looks much better. i just switched from charter. aare you using an ir cable? I don't know if that will solve your problem. i need one... during the setup i just stuck in headphones to the back of my media center receiver and it recognized it as an ir cable. so that is why my remote doesn't work. My questions for the community. I had to connect my set top box via svideo and rca. i had my old cable connected via coax and it worked find. but for some reason my noise gets all messed up when i connect uverse via coax. i'm thinking it has something to do with the software/hardware in the motorola box? It doesn't really matter... i have it working. i'm just curious.

    I have a MAJOR problem however. my set top box lags SO MUCH when i'm watching tv on media center. if i want to change the channel it takes 2 seconds for the channel to actually change. i'm using the uverse remote rather than the media center remote. Also it lags for all functions. The other problem i am having is a keep getting a very slight TICK noise every 11 seconds. it is so consistent i am able to count how many seconds between ticks. It is every annoying.

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    re: confiugration of AT&T Uverse on Windows Media Center

    I need help to find a proper working Media Center Remote. I had checked on number of places there are very rare working model. For Windows Vista especially. While compared to that it is much easy to configure the same on Windows XP.

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    There will be some major modification that you will have to do to make it work properly. It is necessary that the internal tv tuner card must get signal from the set top box. For common boxes that comes with media center support it is not at all complicated to find a proper solution for the same.

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    re: confiugration of AT&T Uverse on Windows Media Center

    The funny ironic thing is that AT&T Uverse uses the commercial Microsoft Mediaroom product as the App for distributing their IPTV.

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