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Thread: WMP Media Sharing Problem on DLNA devices

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    WMP Media Sharing Problem on DLNA devices

    I had installed Windows Media Player 11. I bought a DLNA media server also. It is compatible with my PS3 device. I had configured all stuff and things are working well. The PS3 is detected in the network. But when I try to share my media library I am getting error. PS3 cannot find anything in the list. I had seen a video on Youtube that shows to share files I just need to share the library.

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    It can be some permission problem with the system. You can check that and try to find proper detail on it. You are using a set of compatible devices but somehow the permission does not allow the content to share among each other. You can start by putting all the content on a public network and then try to check back the same. I had faced this issue on Vista. It only worked when I disabled Firewall.

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    First when you are trying to share media content on other devices then just start with installing them first in your system. Ensure that it is detected and properly configured. Later on you can try to hook them to the media devices. It is not at all complicated to find the right solution for it. Somehow there are chances that incompatible drivers or software can cause failure in the system.

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    You need a proper guide for that. Whichever devices has DLNA marked on it will work properly with each other. But bringing all of them on a single platform is bit complicated. You have to look in the details to get more info on it. I am using Windows Media Player to stream some content from a NAS drive and it works well. As it was official certified for Windows. I hope you are using the most compatible hardware in your system.

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    re: WMP Media Sharing Problem on DLNA devices

    problems with zune network sharing service
    My zune player is working good,i can listen all my music from the files,
    lately when i turn on my pc always ask me to send a microsoft report that says: Zune Network sharing service has encontered a problem and needs to close
    send the report and still not open my zune from software can somebody help me?

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