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Thread: Turning off monitor with Media Center remote control

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    Turning off monitor with Media Center remote control

    Is there a way to turn off monitor of LCD through media center remote. I am having a media center pc setup here. I had also configured a remote on it. I can view channels and navigate through my files. I need some option by which I can also control the monitor through the remote control. Is there any option available in windows.

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    RE: Turning off monitor with Media Center remote control

    There is on way to control the lcd monitor using a remote control which works on Media Center PC. It is a bit complicated to find a relative solution for it. You have to buy a lcd monitor that comes with infrared remote and then only it will work. There one thing you can do. You can hook the media center system on a TV and then use it. Every TV comes with a remote control.

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    There is no option available like that. The monitor can be turned off manually. I was looking for some way by which I can hide the screen when I need. I tried to find some additional tool that can help me to control the monitor. But there is nothing like that available. Whatever I have to do to turn on/off monitor I will need to do that manually. At this point you can use a much better option to lock the screen.

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    There is no tool available. You are just trying to find something which does not exist. Do not waste your time in searching for the same. It is better if you can use a TV in place of monitor. The TV comes with remote and all control settings that you are looking for.

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