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Thread: Standby Failed/'Microsoft .NET Framework v1.0.3705 Update prevents

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    Standby Failed/'Microsoft .NET Framework v1.0.3705 Update prevents

    This is XP Media Center PC. Whenever I’m trying to put it in Standby mode, I get an error message saying “The service 'Microsoft .NET Framework v1.0.3705 Update' is preventing the machine from entering standby. Try stopping this service and try again.”

    I did search on Google as well as Microsoft but dint found any solution regarding this problem. Can anyone here help me out for the same? Many thanks in advance.

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    No one out there is listening to this thead? Did either of you solve it? Is there anyone else who can help?

    I uninstalled Norton Antivirus and I think that is the cause of my problem; however fixing it has not been fruitful. I've tried a number of things found when doing a google search. your quesion is exactly my problem as well... Any suggestions?

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    Re: Standby Failed/'Microsoft .NET Framework v1.0.3705 Update prevents

    I did the following to solve it.
    At Computer Management, Services, Select "Microsoft .NET Framework v1.1.4322 Update", Right Click, Properties, General Tab, Set Startup Type to Manual. Reboot.

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