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Thread: Vista Crash when running Windows Media Player/Media Center

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    Vista Crash when running Windows Media Player/Media Center

    I installed Windows Vista just a month ago with is running with AMD 4000+ processer, 8800gts with latest drives and X-Fi sound card w/ beta drivers. I have both Windows Media Player and Media Center installed on this computer. Everything works fine except these two. Whenever I try running Media Player or Media Center, my system crashes with Blue Screen of Death. When I checked Reliability and Performance monitor I found various error messages saying "windows failures" with 00000116 , 6 times 0000008e 0000000a.

    Any idea what’s wrong with my computer? Thanks for all helps.

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    RE: Vista Crash when running Windows Media Player/Media Center

    Even I had very similar problem with Media Center Edition 2005 PC and Windows media Player. In my case the problem started when I upgraded WMP 10 to version 11. Since then every time I try launching Media Player, my system use to get freeze completely. Don’t even allow me to move mouse or press Ctrl+Alt+Del. The only way I could get to computer back is to hard reboot.

    So in order to fix it I just rolled back to WMP version 10 again and problem disappeared. Though I don’t know what was thee xact problem but rolling back to older WMP fixed the problem. Just for a try you can go with the same as well.

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    I don’t think Vista has any problem with WMP or MC. Problem would be probably your drivers or video card. Did you tried updating all your system drivers including Video card? If not yet, do it now. BTW, which Video card have you installed on your computer?

    Meanwhile you should also try testing RAM, swiching monitor cables, and Flashing BIOS. For more info on the same, check this

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