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Thread: There is no TV Tuner detected on Windows Vista

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    There is no TV Tuner detected on Windows Vista

    I am using Windows Media Center 2005. It was working fine. I added a new TV Tuner card to the system. After connection Windows Media Center did not detected the card at all even when it is installed in Device Manager. It is a bit irritating to fix this thing. I am not able to find any answer why it is not detected. I am planing to hook my cable tv on it and record some shows. But this thing has spoiled all the settings. Any idea why this thing appear and how it can solved.

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    What you can see in device manager. The hardware must be listed in there with a exclamation sign on the same. It is necessary to find appropriate driver for the same. Or else it will not work. Once it is installed properly then only you can make changes in the settings of Windows Media Center.

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    If you have additional pci slot then try to change that and check. Second thing a number of time pci slots are disabled from the bios due to which this pci cards remain undetected. It is necessary to turn them on. You have to go somewhere in integrated peripheral settings and find related option there. Enable them and then check back again. It will work.

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    Windows Media Center Services

    I had an issue with a Hauppauge 1800 TV Tuner card not being recognized
    by Windows Media Center in Vista 64. Finally this is how I resolved:

    1.Press Start+R buttons on keyboard.
    2. Type "services.msc" without quotes in box.
    3. Scroll down to Windows Media Center services (should be 4 or 5 of them).
    4. Make sure they are all set on "Automatic" and enable all of them.
    These services have to be enabled in order for WMC to work properly.


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