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Thread: Windows Media Player Extension

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    Windows Media Player Extension

    This is windows XP Pro based Dell laptop. Since last few weeks whenever I visit Yahoo Games website on any browser, I get an error message saying:

    “This website wants to run the following add-on: 'windows media player extension' from Microsoft Corporation. If you trust the website and the add-on and want to allow it to run, click here”

    And when I click on the hyperlink provided I receive another pop up message saying “run ActiveX control.” Somebody said that running active can cause problems for other programs. So I want to know what should i do now? Is it safe to run ActiveX Control and should I OK the pop up? Or if there is any another way to fix the above mentioned error about Windows Media Player Extension? Thanks for your helps.

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    Re: Windows Media Player Extension

    Yes, few ActiveX controls can trouble your system but not all. If you have proper settings done in Internet Explorer and you are sure that website asking for the same is Genuine and virus free then you can go for it without any hesitation. ActiveX in brief is just a small class of small programs which is required to run embedded multimedia on websites. You can not run them without ActiveX. As Yahoo is genuine, you can go for it.

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    Re: Windows Media Player Extension

    Hey friends, thanks a lot for the information. It was exactly what I needed to know. Thanks any way. It solved my problem.

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    windows media player extension ADD-ON

    Even I’m getting the same error on my brand new Windows Vista based laptop. There are few websites which I visit often to watch videos. On this laptop, all those sites says:

    “This website wants to run the following add-on : 'Windows Media Player Extension from Microsoft Corporation' If you trust this website and the add-on and want it to run, click here”

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