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Thread: "Found new hardware" always appears after start-up

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    "Found new hardware" always appears after start-up

    I have a Windows XP Media Center Edition system. It has internal 160Gb hard drive in it with 19inch LCD monitor. There is a external floppy drive connected to the system with a all in one printer. It was a clean upgrade to Vista Media Center edition. Things went fine after the upgrade and I had installed all the drivers needed. But each time on system boot there is a new hardware wizard on the screen. I cannot understand which one is pending for installation.

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    There can be some internal component like a raid controller or any other controller which still needs a driver. Go inside Device Manager and see how much unknown devices you are able to see in that. Try to update the drivers of each and everyone and again reboot. It still you are getting the same kind of error then unplug all the attached hardware and then check. If the error stops then some external devices needs a driver update.

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    There can be a pci device in the system. If you are not using any pci card then go in bios and disable which is not needed. The issue will be solved. You can also went in bios and check the details on additional hardware which you will never use. Disable which are not needed and then simply reboot your system.

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    I got the same issue due to pci slot only. There was a lan card attached which I ignore.d I was trying to locate drivers for that through widows update but that did not worked. Later on I was able to find a proper driver for Vista and updated it. The error was stopped. There can be different controllers or devices on the board itself which is giving you that error. It is recommended you must update all the chipset drivers and then check back.

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    There is a way to find that. When you got that automatic hardware installation wizard on your screen you must click next. It will try to find the drivers and when it fails to install you will find what kind of hardware was that. That is the only way to find which hardware still remains pending to install. Ensure that you had performed all kinds of chipset updated. Do not leave any motherboard driver pending.

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    Run all the drivers update one by one again from top. It will find and install the hardware which is needed. It is not at all complicated to find which hardware fails to install well. In Device Manager if atleast windows identifies the hardware you can see the name and it will have a exclamation mark. Or else it will be listed as unknown devices.

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    EMACHINES T5048 Help!!

    Hi, i reformatted my T5048 emachines and put the correct video driver on there but when it came to the audio driver, it had a problem. I went the emachines website looked up model number then downloads and audio driver gave me like sigmatel AC '97 or something and i tried to install but it said hardware not found on computer And when i did install Realtek AC '97 drivers it gave me sound BUT i'm looking for the sound that you can record streaming audio. Because i used to be able to hear and record streaming audio but after i reformatted it, i can only hear streaming audio.

    Any ideas? thanks

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