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Thread: "Connection Terminated" on Vista Ultimate Release and 360 Extender

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    "Connection Terminated" on Vista Ultimate Release and 360 Extender

    I am having a Windows Vista Ultimate system. I had properly connected Xbox 360 to the same. There is a Xbox extender also attached to the media center. When I start Windows Media Center, it works for few seconds and then freezes. My mouse keyboard does not work. I cannot select any item nor I can end it. And after a few minutes there is a error that Connection terminated. The xbox is disconnected. It ask to reconnect it back. Without adding the extender Xbox works. But the problem only appears when there is a extender attached to the same.

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    It looks some kind of issue with connectivity. First check that the media extender which you are using is compatible with Vista or not. Second disable all the security application from your system. Like Firewall or any other application that causes the issue. And then try to relaunch the media center once again. I am sure you will be able to see the video streaming through that.

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    The connection terminated error appears when your media center fails to get a proper communication. The fault lies in the extender. It is recommended that you use it without the extender and it is going to work well. To some extent the security services or application can cause the failure. I will advice you to disable all of them and try to recheck the same back again.

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    Re: "Connection Terminated" on Vista Ultimate Release and 360 Extender

    i also have a 360 with media player on home premium i just signed up to get help mine says connection terminated after contacting i have a airlink 101 router. i tried unistalling and deleting the certificate thing. xbox customer service was also no help.........

    please i beg of you to give me tips and hints on fixing this

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