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Thread: DRM Migrate exe error on windows media playre

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    DRM Migrate exe error on windows media playre

    I need some help to install windows media player 11 in my system. At the time of setup I am getting a error that drm migrate exe is shutdown. I am constantly getting this error and not able to install the same. I tried to restart my system and also disabled some startup services. But still getting the same error. I am not having any idea about the error. Is there anyone who can really tell me what is going on. I had also tried to keep my system shutdown for sometime and then starting it back again.

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    I got the same error a number of time in the start. Later on after retrying the same a number of time it started working. There was no issue at all. I thought my windows is having some kind bug with the installation. I do not understand how it started work on its own. I had downloaded a fresh setup and kept in the system. But did not used it. I will try to restore the download once again and see whether it works fine or not. You can try to get a fresh setup file for the same and then download that in your system. It is one of the best way to fix the issue.

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    Go in Event Viewer. It is located inside control panel. There you can find detail on the problem. It can be due to corrupt system and also due to low file permission. The best thing to do here is to change the setup that you have. Get a fresh one and then retry the download I am sure it is going to work well. And when you are trying to run the setup it is necessary that you wipe out the old one and get a new setup. At the time of setup right click on it and choose run as > administrator. It is going to help you much.

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    re: DRM Migrate exe error on windows media playre

    I renamed the DRM folder to DRM_old

    then went to
    clicked upgrade, it installed a componenet for WMP11

    then I went to
    clicked upgrade

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    re: DRM Migrate exe error on windows media playre

    Many thanks to durstjonas20. I have spent 2 days trying to sort this problem trying many things including researching MS website. Your fix worked perfectly.

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