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Thread: MCE 2005 Xbox 360 Extender PC Setup Cannot find Xbox 360 on Network

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    MCE 2005 Xbox 360 Extender PC Setup Cannot find Xbox 360 on Network

    On network there are around 4 devices connected. First is Xbox 360, a linksys wifi g router and 2 pc that have Windows Media Center 2005. Everything is properly connected. I had checked all the settings and cable connectivity. From my end there is no issue at all. I can use Xbox Live here. I had connected the Xbox to Pc, but it is no visible in Xbox. It is not detecting it. I was willing to stream the content of pc to xbox. When I checked inside the pc network I found the pc is also not able to detect xbox. What can be the issue behind it.

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    I was facing the same issue. I had reconfigured my entire network around 2 to 3 times but still the system was unable to find Xbox. Media streaming was not working. I thought the problem was with the cables. I changed them but still the problem was intact. Later on I disabled my firewall and it worked. The xbox can see pc and also in the pc network xbox was located. There are around 3 routers on the network and all of them were working fine.

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    This is a problem with Vista. When you create a network it ask you to put the network under public or home or private. If you use the home it generate a password which locks the sharing. There is no way you can access the same without using that password. While if everything is configured on public all the users in the network can access and read the files.

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