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Thread: TV Tuner Asus 7134 with media center HELP ME

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    TV Tuner Asus 7134 with media center HELP ME

    I have a Windows XP based desktop running with Media Center. Couple of days ago I bought a brand new ASUS TV FM 7134 which is a TV Tuner as well as FM tuner card. I’m trying to configure it since long time but not getting it work with Media Center. All other TV Softwares work fine but not this card.

    Now I don’t have any idea left. Do anyone know here about this card and how to get it work with Media Center? Many thanks for all your helps.

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    I think you are wrong

    First of all you should know that Media Center requires MPEG2 encoding capability to work. And as far as I know ASUS TV card and/or drivers don’t have this capabilities. So what makes you think it will work with MCE?

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    Re: I think you are wrong

    Every TV Tuners must have specific drivers to use tuner onboard hardware encoder chip to work properly with Media Center. As far as Asus is concerned, I have never seen any ASUS tuner having a MCE compatible interface.I think you should make use of PowerVCR and ShowShifter programs. These softwares will help you to encode TV from standard TV tuner interfaces.

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    Re: TV Tuner Asus 7134 with media center HELP ME

    BEST Program for TV and PVR is AVS TV BOX
    -easy ti use
    - frendly interface
    - powerful scanning mode

    -since if cannot detect anyone channiel you can try to change "favorites.xml"
    were each channiel is presented in fixed CHxx. in end of the row [videofreq="-1"] there can be placed a fixed frequency=> [videofreq="235250000"] in Hz
    This is equal to 235.25 MHz

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    Re: TV Tuner Asus 7134 with media center HELP ME

    AVS TV BOX [License FREE] is BETTER Than FLY2000 ind ChrisTV
    NO Limits
    No Stupid Error Messages [FLY2000] when try to record
    No Crashes when loading [ChrisTV 4.95 and higher] caused by copyright protections

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