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Thread: Graphic Card update for Windows Media Center

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    Graphic Card update for Windows Media Center

    Will it be worth to add a new graphic card for Windows Media Center. I am having a small Home Theater setup at my home which consist of a 30inch TV, with Media Server as the centralized location for streaming HD files and some systems. All are hooked on the same home network. I purchased a new 27inch gaming monitor. I am having Windows 7 here. I am not using any graphic card right-now. I am just using my system for watching blu ray movies. Now on the large screen size I had seen a quality fall in the video output. Will adding a new GPU to Media Center will be more worth.

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    Re: Graphic Card update for Windows Media Center

    You require proper video codecs. That's all. Just download a set of codec pack from web which will offer you more better video quality. I had got the same kind of issue with some hd files on my system. I installed new codecs and the issue was resolved. The videos are more clear and better.

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    Re: Graphic Card update for Windows Media Center

    Basically for gaming and for video output the video memory is required. The higher it is the best output you will get on your screen. And on your existing system rightnow the video output is complicated relying on the onboard video memory. Which is hardly around 256mb. So if you buy a good graphic card with new technology then the output will be more better. You can on the same hand also play new games. I can suggest you some top graphic cards which are recommended best for gaming. I am listing all costly gpu's here. There is a reason for that. Whatever display size you had mentioned is large. And to get proper aspect ratio, budget cards cannot help much. You will need atleast a 2GB DDR3 graphic card from Nvidia or ATi. There are price difference between set of different cards. You can on the basis of specification choose which is one is more better and appropriate. The one that I use is Radeon HD 6670 DDR3. It is not a very costly card but comes in mid range. Performance wise it is a great gpu. A costlier option is Radeon HD 7770 which is higher in terms of output compared to the first one. So just checkout some of the top gpu on the web and buy the one which think will work well. Also you will need ample of physical ram also.

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    Re: Graphic Card update for Windows Media Center

    For video output graphic card is must. It plays a vital role in the output. You cannot ignore that. GPU's are not just used for gaming purpose. They have more benefits here. It is essential that you must go for a mid range card as mentioned above. I think Radeon 6670 is quiet great for any system.

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    Re: Graphic Card update for Windows Media Center

    When you add a gpu you will get HDMI output. Which will increase your graphic output to extreme level. While rightnow the video output of your system relies on the VGA port. It is a basic and widely used display output which is not so great on screen. It is good enough to work on system. While on HDMI which stands of High Definition Media Interface, the blu ray output is simply awesome. The better graphic you will use the better output you will get. One of the most high end graphic card in the market is Asus GTX 670 Direct CU II. It is a very costly card, but I had seen the gaming output of this thing. It works just fine. This card lies on the top end of gaming cards and this is a kind of one time upgrade. I think you must go for the same and according to me for a home theater this card is an ideal choice. You can not only play high end videos but on the same large screen you can also play some high end video games also. The output is not at all affected. While one more card that comes in the same series is Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 2GB. This is a bit budget card and has more benefits. It is for those who are looking for high end performance at low price. So just checkout the card list from web which you liked the most and then test out the performance output. I think that will be more beneficial here.

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