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Thread: Custom video boot with XBMC

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    Custom video boot with XBMC

    IS there any method that when I open up XBMC, it be supposed to displays a custom video previous to it acquires to the home screen. I made an animation awhile back that with the intention of I might feel affection for to utilize as a Welcome video to the media center. So is this possible. If it is possible then give me some explanation on that which will be helpful for me to make use of it.

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    Re: Custom video boot with XBMC

    I determine to upload mine once I had acquired this up and running. My query though, where is the advancedsettings.xml and home.xml positioned at in Windows 7. In home.xml, be able to I position the given code anywhere. And one more, where might I position my file at, similar to what directory.

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    Re: Custom video boot with XBMC

    I was capable to locate the home.xml in the Xperience folder, which is my skin I am utilizing, and I had edited through the code given. Additional than the advancedsettings.xml, I am not be able to locate that at the entire. At present pTeronau, you said I might have to generate this on my own, do I had place this in users/user/appdata/Roaming/xbmc/userdata. And where be supposed to I position the intromovie.avi I had made.

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    Re: Custom video boot with XBMC

    At present I had find the place where to figure out or add the code into home.xml and where to position the video file, additional than I tranquil not be able to locate the advancesettings.xml. It just presently does not seem to be there. I did a search and that with the intention of might not locate it moreover. Would you possibly be capable to upload it for me, or do I just necessitate to create it myself through just that line of code in it.

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    Re: Custom video boot with XBMC

    Alright I had generated the advancedsettings.xml commencing from side to side the Notepad++ through the code given, additional than the defaulting XBMC logo tranquil comes up. At present I was capable to acquire my movie to work though, other than it is odd, Upon launch, XBMC comes up, then goes to the Home screen, then my intro movie plays, then goes back to home. I was anticipating that it might go straight to the intro then to home.

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