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Thread: Avoid duplicate TV series recording in WMC

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    Avoid duplicate TV series recording in WMC

    I am having window media center and running on windows 7. After complete recording it shows me duplicate recording of TV series and contains same title as well. So can anyone tell me any control so that I can record TV shown in series? One more query I am having that is if anyone deletes recording after watching, it is possible to remember that one.

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    Re: Avoid duplicate TV series recording in WMC

    Here I would say normally when you will specify “new” then it will record once even if it repeated all the way through the day or week. Coming to the history let me tell history generally kept by window media center. It will save all the files for satisfying the new requirement.

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    Re: Avoid duplicate TV series recording in WMC

    Hey dude, I have a one more option to solve this issue. If you want restrict this duplication so you have to limit the air time to that once a week before that run event or there may be chances of problem of history details so I would suggest you please check history. If you want to see the history for that just go into Recorded TV and navigate to “view scheduled”. Then after navigate to down and see history.

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    Re: Avoid duplicate TV series recording in WMC

    Yes dude, I am completely satisfied with your statement there may chances of that history files has been deleted or dump. I would recommend you please check the individual series and more things along with confirm that series is set to records new episode only. You can check all the series by go to TV after that “recorded TV” option and then “new scheduled” and then series. I will recommend you to please disable the share for “recorded TV” folder. I hope this will help you.

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