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Thread: Windows 7 Tuner patches

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    Windows 7 Tuner patches

    Couple of weeks ago I suddenly started getting problems with my Windows 7 computer. Every time it use to say I've lost my signal. I did lots of research and tried various things. But atlast I came through two patches that worked very well. Later I found that the patches are not available through Windows Update. So if any user is facing the problem, how will he get to know about this? Hence I came here to share the same.

    First is the KB981129. If you are experiencing tuner deadlocks while using a networked tuner then just download this Patch from here and install.

    Second is KB981130, if you come across low bit rate messages, then download and install this Patch from here

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    Re: Windows 7 Tuner patches

    Thank you for your kind help and for your guidance to solve the Low Bit Rate Error. I have been experiencing many problems while using my networked tuner. It either used to get stuck into deadlocks or received low bit rate. Your thread came as a life saver for me. I followed your instructions and downloaded the two Windows updates that you have mentioned above. After installing them and restarting my computer, my problem seemed to have minimized, almost negligible. once again Thank you a lot.

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