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Thread: WSX Playlist File Troubles - Wallclock-Media Elements

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    WSX Playlist File Troubles - Wallclock-Media Elements

    In my office we have Windows 2003 Enterprise running with Media Services 9. We’ve also created publishing point with unicast delivery in order to stream music 24/7 based on wall clock attributes of the media elements. These entire things is working good but not completely because the problem starts when certain media elements have only 5 or 6 music files and the wallclock attribute is allowing that particular media element run for 2 hours.

    As soon as this element reaches last song, it stops playing. I read somewhere that wallclock attributes will only be valued for a 24 hour time frame and thereafter I need to restart the publishing point to use the wallclock attributes again. Is that correct? Isn’t there any way we can make it work continuously?

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    Re: WSX Playlist File Troubles - Wallclock-Media Elements

    It is important that a permanent monitoring is provided with real-time statistics. So that problem situations can easily recognize the server. The statistics can be output from servers and groups. Because in larger environments, typically working with multiple media servers for load balancing, which is essential. I got some really helpful information on the same which can help you out.

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