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Thread: Windows XP Media Player 11 uPnP issue

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    Windows XP Media Player 11 uPnP issue

    I am running Windows XP and am unable to get the Windows Media Player on network with different pcs that have WMP 11 and XBMC. The software itunes is able to network with all other pcs without any problems and also the second Vista computer networks properly. The issue seems to be with the DLNA on XP computer although UPnP service is installed on the computer. Windows service IPSEC are not even started and the router that I am using is showing up on the pc. I have also set WMP to share media but it will not show up on other computer. I also dont have any firewalls installed on my machine. Can anyone help me out.

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    RE: Windows XP Media Player 11 uPnP issue

    Hello once again, I really need some help with this issue. XBMC and Orb are showing up properly as a media server and a renderer but I am unable to get WMP 11 to show up as a media server or renderer on this Windows XP machine. On this XP computer the bulk of my media is stored and generated, so if anyone can help it would be appreciated. Thanks

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    RE: Windows XP Media Player 11 uPnP issue

    I cannot say for sure whether this will work or not, but you can check for sharing in network properties and if that is not the issue then try to look at the security settings for network in local security settings. I also think that Windows Media Player has an option in its own settings for Sharing and same with Internet Explorer options, advanced you can get the same settings.

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