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Thread: How reset Vista Media Center tuner(s), channels, scheduled recording

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    How reset Vista Media Center tuner(s), channels, scheduled recordi

    I had just added a dual tv tuner card in my system. I had removed the old one that belong to hauppauge. It was a good card but somehow there was a problem with the configuration. I am not so expert in understanding the various signals used in recording but I think the card that I have works well in media center. I am not getting a proper solution here. There is a conflict in video recording. It is not working. First all when I try to record some videos, it worked but the video failed to play. I do not know what happen inside the computer. I started over and adjust certain registry settings and that too did not worked.

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    There can be problem with the card configuration. Does it is a compatible device with windows. If it is not then you will not be able to use the same. I am not sure about the analog and digital connections in my system. There is a appropriate guide on the web that can allow you to find out how the signals actually works. The recording issue can also be due to improper encoder. It is recommended that you arrange and update your system with appropriate encoder and then only go for the additional setup. Or it will be a complete waste of time. Run windows update and check back again.

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    I do not think there is any problem with the analog and digital tv tuner configuration. It is necessary that you use right splitter for that. You must try to connect the tuner and use the software that comes with it. The software can help you to adjust the settings and setup a guideline that really works. Schedule recording is possible but somehow due to tuner inefficiency with iWindows you face such kind of problem. Window Media Center is not capable of working with all kind of TV tuners.

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