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Thread: no sound or audio in windows movie maker

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    no sound or audio in windows movie maker

    I am having some sort of issue with Windows Movie Maker and found its solution which I would like to share it with you. There was once, all of a sudden I was not able to head audio from the mp3 files that I had in movie maker. It used to work but then there was no sound. The sound could be also seen in the timeline but to no avail. So after searching for some solution, the answers that I got was to convert the mp3 files to wma but I didnt want to do that since mp3 is a compatible file. So, after some more searching on the web I finally found the root cause of this problem which was caused by compatability issue. It was related to the kodak camera software that I had installed in my computer. It was also having a movie maker in it and when I uninstalled the same software which was something called arc soft media impression then the sound came back and I didnt have to convert the music files anymore. After that I unchecked all the filters in movie maker, to do the same, go to tools and then options and then uncheck all the filters. I hope that this will help someone who is not able to hear sound in Windows Movie Maker.

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    Re: no sound or audio in windows movie maker

    I followed your suggestion and it worked for me wonderfully, I reinstalled it to import more videos from the kodak zi6 in which to uninstall again and repeat and so on. I then did it the same way you have written in your post and was hoping that it would work like last time but it is still giving me problem. Any help you can provide?

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    Re: no sound or audio in windows movie maker

    What ever things that you have installed on your computer that shows video or plays audio comes with the help of codec software and many time if you install too many codecs in your system then it usually messes the Windows Movie Maker. So, the first thing you can do is that find the list of codecs used by the movie maker, you can find the same by going to Tools > Options > Compatibility tab in Windows XP and then uncheck all those.

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