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Thread: will Media Center Play .ts or .tp files

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    will Media Center Play .ts or .tp files

    I was wondering to make a Media Center PC. So, with this Media Center pc, will I be able to play the .tp or .ts high definition files natively on the same pc? Or do I need to do a little modification for same? Thanks for any information.

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    Re: will Media Center Play .ts or .tp files

    I dont think that Windows Media Center pc will be able to play the formats that you have listed natively. You will need to install a codec to play those files, but still I believe that Media Center Edition will not recognize the format.

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    RE: will Media Center Play .ts or .tp files

    I was also having this problem but I have now solved it. I have got a Windows 7 installed on my HTPC and I choose this operating system because it has a vast advanced features for its Media Center, with better QAM support. I checked out that WMP 12 thats native to Windows 7 will be able to play .ts file that I record on my HTPC. Media Center 7 wont play these .ts files but when I change the file extension to .mpg then it will play them fine, so you can also try to change the file extension and see if that works for you.

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