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Thread: Play Apple Lossless on Windows Media Player 11

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    Play Apple Lossless on Windows Media Player 11

    I was trying to find out a successful way to play Apple LossLess files on WMP 11 running on Windows XP SP3 but the posts I found on web says Microsoft is doesn’t care for ISO MPEG-4 audio or video in WMP because of their stake in WMV. Anyways, related to my problem, somebody said pointed me to a filter that is suppose to play Apple's AAC m4a and Apples Lossless ALAC. I applied the same but it dint worked. Can anyone here please tell me how can we play it in Windows Media Player 11?

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    Re: Play Apple Lossless on Windows Media Player 11

    I made it work properly in my Windows Media Player using a filter which can be downloaded from here For better results you can also download a plugin from here to make WMP ead MPEG4 meta tags as used in .m4a files.

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    Re: Play Apple Lossless on Windows Media Player 11

    I have had partial success getting Apple Lossless files (ALAC) playing back in WMP11 with tag support.

    The complete list of software I am using is:

    * CCCP Codec Pack 2008-09-21
    * M4a/Flac/Ogg/Ape/Mpc Tag Support Plugin for
    Windows Media Player & Media Center v 1.1 (found on SoftPointer)
    * from (January 8 2007 post)

    ALAC files always playback correctly however the tags are intermittent. Some files show tags and some do not. All the ALAC files were ripped using iTunes (Mac).
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    Re: Play Apple Lossless on Windows Media Player 11

    I've read most of the dialog in this thread and need some updated information regarding the same problem with WMP 12.

    My music data base is a mixture of formats (depending on when I added ot imported it). However the bulk of the data is in iTUnes Lossless format. I don't need to convert any of this unless that is the only alternative to playing it on my WMP 12 - based music playback system.

    I guess the basic question is do I have to convert? If so is there a proven solution? or,

    Can i modify (add-on, plug in) either iTUnes or WMP 12 to get the job done?



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