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Thread: ERROR MESSAGE C00D1197

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    Error Message C00d1197

    I recently, by mistake, deleted all the music from the mp3 player while connecting to Windows Media Player and after that I am getting the error message C00d1197. So, can anyone tell me how do I solve this problem. Thanks.

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    Re: ERROR MESSAGE C00D1197

    The error message that you are getting simply means that the player is unable to find the file and it is going to be expected if you have erased all the music from the player. Check to see, if your mp3 player has an undelete option which you can obviously use to get the music files back onto it. Hope this helps

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    The error can occur for a variety of reasons. So the different workaround that you can try is:

    1. Make sure the file type is supported by the Player. For a list of file types (formats) that are supported by Windows Media Player, see the "Supported file types" section below.
    2. If the file type is supported by the Player, make sure the codec used to compress the file is installed on your computer. Some codecs aren't supported by the Player. For more information about codecs, see Codecs: frequently asked questions.
    3. Try changing the audio output device associated with the Player.

    For more troubleshooting go to this link -

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