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Thread: codec to play iso file?

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    codec to play iso file?

    I was wondering if there are any codec software which will cause Windows Media Player to play an ISO file that contains mpeg-2 movie content in either .ifo file or .bup file or .vob file. I am clueless over here and need some help for this problem. Thanks for any replies in advance.

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    Re: codec to play iso file?

    There are no codec player to play ISO files in either Windows Media Player or some other media players. ISO file is basically a disc file which contains either CD images or hard disk images that contains all the files in it. You can however, use many method to get the content from the ISO file by either burning it onto a CD/DVD by a burning software such as Nero or you can use third party applications such as daemon tools to mount it on your pc and then view what all file it contains.

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    Yes, I agree with the above post. You can also choose different software to extract the content of an iso file. Once such tool available for extracting ISO file is PowerISO. It is an image manager for your virtual CD or DVD (ISO, BIN, DAA, CDI, etc.). With a few clicks, you can open, extract, edit, compress, encrypt, convert ISO files and play them with internal virtual drives. This application also supports the-fly recording and setup command line.

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    RE: codec to play iso file?

    Even Microsoft has a tool called Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel. It is a tool that can mount images of CD / DVD on virtual drives. Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel has a feature that makes it unique since no installation is required. So you can add virtual drives and mount ISO images directly from a USB flash drive or removable disk. When you unzip the ZIP Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel, you'll see three files. Runs VCdControlTool and click Driver Control. Once there, click Install Driver and VCdRom.sys opens the other file Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel. Finally, click Start.

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    Re: codec to play iso file?

    Another software that you can use to mount ISO file is Virtual CloneDrive. Virtual CloneDrive is a freeand easy to use software for mounting disk images to the most popular formats: ISO, BIN and CCD. The installation is quick and easy and the program does not requires a reboot of your machine. During this process VCD directly associates file types such as .ISO, .DVD, .CCD, .IMG, .UDF and .BIN. Thus, you can mount these files by clicking on their icons, without going through the virtual drive.

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