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Thread: Windows Media Player, aspect ratio

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    Windows Media Player, aspect ratio

    Something is wrong with my WMP settings. I have few videos with 16:9 aspect ratio and when these files are played in Windows Media Player Classic, I get the correct aspect ratio, that is 16:9. But when I play the same file in WMP, it wont play it properly. I need to change it to widescreen manually but that brings large black bar at top and bottom.

    Any idea how can i make Windows Media player work similar to Classic? many Thanks.

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    Re: Windows Media Player, aspect ratio

    Can I know what is your Monitor’s make/model? If it is the standard one with 4:3 monitor then obviously you will get that black bars on top and bottom. You cannot do anything about that.

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    Re: Windows Media Player, aspect ratio

    Well I know that very well Jason, by the way thanks for your help. I checked the file properties and found it showing up the aspect ratio as 1.78(actual) and 2.38(display). If am not wrong, that mean the actual aspect ratio is 16:9 (1.78), right? Than why WMP is taking the widescreen anamorphic settings by default? Any idea?

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