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Thread: Windows Media Player 11 error C00D11B1 Original code 80070057

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    Windows Media Player 11 error C00D11B1 Original code 80070057

    I am running Windows XP with service pack 2 and also have Windows Media Player 11 version on my computer with Realtek audio card. After I upgraded the current audio driver the problem started. We have recently purchased some WMA files from some music download website and they were working fine. After that my computer crashed and hence I had to reinstall windows xp again. So, to get that songs again we went to that site but the songs were not downloadable anymore. When I tried to download them again the I got some error message that "There is a problem with Windows Media DRM in your computer, please email us or call us". So I emailed them and they gave me another url to download the songs again. But when I am trying to play the file then I am getting an error message that says "You've encountered error message C00D11B1 while using Windows Media Player. The following information might help you troubleshoot the issue." Any ideas?

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    I researched a bit and found that someone had fixed the same problem by resetting the DRM database to an new state. Apart from the information on the DRM folder backup, the main point on suggest that we need to go to this link - and also to solve the issue. However, they both will need ActiveX component installed on your machine and then you can click the "Upgrade" button to complete the job.

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    The problem that you are facing could occur because the DRM store on the computer is not valid or is damaged. This problem may occur for any one of the following reasons:
    • The computer processor has been changed.
    • The computer motherboard has been changed.
    • A basic input/output system (BIOS) setting that affects the computer hardware has been changed. For example, hyperthreading has been disabled.

    So to resolve this issue, go to this link -

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