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Thread: How to make .flv video play on WMP 11 and other players

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    I have downloaded about 80 files from youtube and myspace. And as you all might be aware both these sites use FLV files on their system, downloaded files are also in the same format and when I try to play them in Windows Media Player (Windows Vista), it says cannot play the file.

    Now is there any way we can make windows media player to play these files. I’m not computer savvy hence don’t have much idea about this. Thanks for all your helps.

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    Re: How to make .flv video play on WMP 11 and other players

    Windows Media Player wont support FLV format by default. If you want it to play flv then you need to install K-Lite codec on your system. Just Google for the same and download/install.

    Other way is, if you are using Firefox, there are several extensions available that help you to directly convert flv and then download it on your hard drive. you need to search for them in their extension gallery.

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    Re: How to make .flv video play on WMP 11 and other players

    Yes, WMP cannot play FLV videos. You need some another player like “FLVPlayer4Free”. You can go with this if you want flv player for temporary purpose. Whereas the best is VLC player. It plays each and every format and is completely free. You don’t need any converter or browser extension. Simply download videos and play it in VLC.

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    RE: How to make .flv video play on WMP 11 and other players

    Just download the VLC Media Player...

    This Software plays every File!

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