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Thread: Windows Media Player background color

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    Windows Media Player background color

    Hi, I am using Windows Media Player 6 version which is very old, I know, and I wanted to know a way to change the background color of this media player. So can anyone suggest me how to do the same? Thanks for any valuable suggestions.

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    Re: Windows Media Player background color

    I have not in my life used the control for changing the background color of Windows Media Player and think that neither should you because it will slow down the pc. But in any case the setting shoyld be like Player.DisplayBackColor = #FFFFFF - even though it may take named colours that it ought to take hex colours too i think.

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    Re: Windows Media Player background color

    I dont want to change the zone displaying clip, author, copyright, instead I am trying to change the play control's and volume control's background. Lets say for example you are using windows media player control on a form that is having many color and there you want to display only volume controls and pay control. So for that which setting is required in order to have different colors?

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    When you open Windows Media Player then you need to click on the drop down bar which might be under Now Playing and then click on Enhancements. After that click on Color Chooser, for example, the top bar is color and the bottom is how strong the color is and there you can choose the red color. For background color, click on drop down bar and under Now Playing click on Visualizations. After that select any of the backgrounds that you want.

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