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Thread: Windows Media Player 11 (outdated MP3 player-driver)

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    Windows Media Player 11 (outdated MP3 player-driver)

    I am having a Dell laptop running with Windows XP Sp2 and Windows Media Player 11. Recently I bought a new MP3 Player. I loaded many songs from my friends computer and want to copy that in my WMP. When I connected the same with Dell it prompted me for a driver download first. Well I did the same and updated but still it is not recognized by Windows Media Player neither getting detected with the system.

    Somebody please help. What is wrong with my MP3 player or system?

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    RE: Windows Media Player 11 (outdated MP3 player-driver)

    As far as I know Dell computers require some driver to recognize and make MP3 players work properly with Windows Media Player. I have been through this problem earlier with Dell laptop and Dell DJ media player. I just upgraded my media player’s firmware and installed "plays for sure" driver on my dell laptop. That’s it. Problem solved. You should give a try to this.

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    RE: Windows Media Player 11 (outdated MP3 player-driver)

    Thanks for your help Manik. As you suggested, I downloaded that firmware as well as updated my media player’s firmware but still the same problem.

    Anything else? Please help.

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