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Thread: How do i fix error code C00D11B1 Media player 11

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    How do i fix error code C00D11B1 Media player 11

    I have windows vista installed in my system and i am using Media player 11. I did not had any issue with it by now but since installing updates this morning i am getting error code C00D11B1 whenever i am trying to play video files. I want to know if there is a fix for code C00D11B1. I don't have much idea about these things so try to suggest me the simplest fix.

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    Simplest fix is as followed:
    Uninstall windows Media player 11
    Reboot your system
    Install windows Media player 11
    Reboot your system
    It should work fine now, in case you face any issue after that than let me know for further help.

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    I was getting same error message after installing updates for windows media player 11. However, i was able to get rid of the error message after installing codecs but i was just getting the video output and no audio, later i re-installed media player and it started working fine after that. Even i think that's the simplest method you can try out. If re-installing doesn't make any difference in your case than you will have to try doing a system restore, its not that complex process. Anyways first try out re-installing Media player 11 and let me know if it helps, best of luck.

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