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Thread: Can't turn on media sharing

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    Can't turn on media sharing

    I am using Windows Vista with WMP v11. As my title says, I am trying to turn on Media Sharing so that I can play my media on other devices as well but not able to get it done. When I go to check the box for “Media Sharing” option the OK button is just grayed out. Completely unclickable.

    Am not able to turn on Media sharing neither through WMP nor from Network settings. Do you guys have any idea where am I making mistake? Please help.

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    Hello Kenyon, just go through these steps and will fix the problem:

    • Open Control Panel > Add/Remove programs > Add/Remove Windows Components > Networking.
    • Here check if UPnP service is showing up. If not you need to install it.
    • Go to Start > RUN, type 'services.msc' Press Enter.
    • Scroll down to UPnP service and set to manual start (start if not already running)
    • Set SSDP Discovery Service to manual start (start if not already running)
    • Now launch Windows Media Player and turn on Media Sharing
    • You should now get a new box which lets you choose what you want to share to - anything else that is currently on your network (eg Xbox 360) should show here with an exclamation mark over it
    • Choose 'Allow' for whatever you want to share to!

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    RE: Can't turn on media sharing

    Thanks for sharing these steps tlr87. I was also struggling with the same issue and even after following your steps (enabling UPnP, SSDP, and WMP Network services) still getting the same problem. Any more help please?

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