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Thread: Vista Ultimate Media player and Media Center has no sound

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    Vista Ultimate Media player and Media Center has no sound

    Using Windows Vista with both Media Center and Windows Media Player. I have few MP3 files which I use to play since I bought this system and were working very fine. But don’t know what went wrong since last 3 days whenever I play these files I don’t get any sound. I tried playing it in Media Center and WMP both but same result. I can see the files playing, time moving ahead but the volume wont come out.

    I’m sure my speakers ate working because I can hear all other systems sounds but just files played in WMP wont provide sound. I guess it is codec problem. So I thought to reinstall them again but no codec are listed in Add and Remove Programs. How can we re-install the codecs?

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    re: Vista Ultimate Media player and Media Center has no sound

    Me too with similar problems. In my case, all my system sounds are working fine. Even I can hear sound while playing DVDs in Media Center but when I play any music files, no matter in Windows Media Player or Media Center, I cannot hear any sound though I can see the media player is running the files.

    Any help please?

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    re: Vista Ultimate Media player and Media Center has no sound

    Hey guys, just try out these steps and see if it works for you. Go to Hardware and Sounds in Control Panel, Click Manage
    Audio Devices. Click on each of the items that control your "Speakers" and click the "Properties" button at the bottom. Under "Advanced" uncheck the boxes under exclusive mode.

    Now go back in to the "Speakers" control that lists your sound card. Click "Properties". Click "Advanced". Now recheck the boxes under "Exclusive Mode". Now hit the "test" button. Your sound should now work.

    Let me know the results.

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