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Thread: WMP11: Album art not being updated after Find/Update Album Info

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    WMP11: Album art not being updated after Find/Update Album Info

    Actually the Album Art in Windows XP is working fine for me but still a many of the albums are not showing Album Art, even after the Album Art is clearly shown after I find album info. I am able to get the "Paste Art Here" blank icon no matter what I do. Is this a known problem and can I do something about it to fix the problem. I know a way to manually copy the graphic from somewhere else and then paste on the songs. But I want to know a way to do this thing automatically, so does anyone know about it? By the way I am using the Windows Media Player 11 on my computer.

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    Re: WMP11: Album art not being updated after Find/Update Album Info

    There are many albums that have their information stored in an online database which can be accessed to Windows Media Player 11. This method is the most simplest and fastest way to update the media information. And to the same, you can follow the below steps:

    1. First of all you need to find the album you want to update in the Album view of the library.
    2. After that you can try to right-click the album and select Find Album Info.
    3. Now you have to follow the instructions on the Find Album Information dialog box to search for the correct information and update the album.

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