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Thread: How to fix Windows Media Player Error C00D11B1

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    How to fix Windows Media Player Error C00D11B1

    I had downloaded Windows Media Player 11 on my system. I am using Windows XP SP2. I thought it would be better to use the most recent edition as it offer more features. But when I try to play video I am getting error C00D11B1. After that Windows Media Player stops working. I run videos by right clicking on it and then choosing open with > media player. What does this error means. I was using Windows Media Player 10 before and it worked really well.

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    The problem lies with opening the file. The file is causing that error. It looks you are trying to open a video file which is not identified by media player. That means it cannot read it. It is recommended that you must download and install the right codec in your system and then it will surely work. There are set of codec packs which are available on web. You can download and update the same. It is the best way to fix issue.

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    Like others, the registry edit trail did NOT lead to Audio and I couldn't find anyone that suggested what to do in THAT case.

    I did find the answer for solvinig the problem of getting files to play, though. I put this message on similar threads at this site. What worked for me was someone's suggestion to uncheck a box! In Vista, follow along:

    Start, Control Panel, Hardware and Sound
    Sound / Manage Audio Devices
    Highlight your audio device
    In the Exclusive Media section, UNCHECK the box "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device."

    I spent days being tortured by being cut off from the WMV files that I had legitimate rights to play. It didn't matter which software player, either -- Real Player, Yahoo Jukebox or Windows Media Player, brand new downloads, old downloads, new CD rips or old. Sometimes my files would play, other times not. Unchecking that box allows the files to play!

    With this "repair" in mind and after making these posts, I remembered what drove me insane to begin with -- the URGE store! So confident about WMP's ability to play, I attempted again to install URGE as my store of choice. Guess what? It wouldn't install. Then guess what? Many songs wouldn't play! Aaargh!

    So. I went back through the Uncheck the Box gyrations. It was still unchecked. But I checked it, hit Apply, then unchecked it, hit Apply again and then reboot my computer. The songs play again. I am done worrying about the URGE store.

    For the record, I use a new Sony VAIO LS series desktop with pre-installed Vista Home Premium and Windows Media Player 11. Origiinally I used Norton Internet Security that came pre-installed on the system. I now use Windows Live OneCare. This error occured under both. Hope this helps. Good luck.

    The "UNCHECK -- Allow applications..." solution was good for one and a half days of uninterrupted music play. Keeping that unchecked, I have added an additional, suggested solution to the problem.

    From Windows Media Player, follow along:

    CHECK player settings "Connect to the Internet (overrides other commands)
    UNCHECK "Start the mini Player for file names that contain this text:..."

    Then with WMP closed, I also went to this website
    and clicked UPGRADE

    If this is good for another day and a half of uninterrupted music -- forget URGE, that hunt is done -- I will be happy-like. Satisfied. Un-pissed.

    I use a new Sony VAIO LS-series desktop with pre-installed Vista Home Premium, SigmaTel Sound Card, (never had a Samsung mobile device software). I use Windows Media Player 11 and suffer the evil C00D11B1 code appearing with WMV files originating from old and new downloads, and old or new CD rips, randomly and with no rhyme or reason. All of the music files were legitimately acquired. I've had RealPlayer and Rhapsody installed and uninstalled. I think that's the whole story. Hard to keep the details straight. I have some sort of SonicStage stuff pre-installed in this new computer. Should I uninstall?

    This will be posted in multiple threads on the off-chance that it's mildly helpful to someone. I can't believe that threads to this problem stretch into last year and there still isn't a definitive -- Do This.

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    Well, after much struggle and research I finally figured out the problem when trying to play proteced songs in Windows Vista with WMP 11. In my particular case I was getting this original error: C00D7159: The policies that the Input Trust Authority requires to be
    enforced are unsupported by the outputs.

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    Possible Solution

    I am too facing the same kind of issue. So to fix the same someone recommended to add K-Lite codec pack. I installed that and then restarted windows. But later on when I try to play the video files I am getting a error related to Quartz.dll. I need some help on the same. Thanks.

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    I am so grateful for this solution! I have been searching everywhere, for 2 days straight. I just was not going to give up, and thanks to this solution, at 2:30 a.m. I can now go to sleep. :-)

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    The error quartz.dll is due to broken codec in your system. You have to install it back again and then ensure that it really works or not. You must get a proper codec pack from the web and then run the setup. I found that ample of people install very less codec and then in future when they try to play a new type of media they face errors. You can locate new codec through Windows update also. That is the best place to find some of the most needed codec for media player.

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    Same Problem, Still No Luck

    I was so excited to see that some of you found a solution to that fiendish error code C00D11B1 because I thought it might work for me as well. It didn't. I use WMP 11 and IE 6. Like others I had no trouble watching videos on,,, or Then one day I tried to view a film on Netflix and it gave me that error code. Netflix tech support tried to help but couldn't. Since I was having the same problem on other sites they suggested I seek help OS tech support. I've seen other queries about this error code all over the Internet, but haven't found a resolution to my problem. I humbly ask for your advice or suggestions. Thanks!

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    Re: Solution found to one kind of error C00D11B1 !!

    'Leonardo Valencia'
    Thank you SO much! Your solution worked perfectly. I recently reinstalled 'BearShare' after I bought my new computer; (Windows XP to Windows Vista), and I could not play any music files downloaded from 'Bearshare' even though they are .WMA. Now I can, YEAH!!!

    Thanks again!

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    I run xp service pack 2. And I have had the error C00D11B1 pop up each time I tried to play a dvd on Windows Media Player. Here is what fixed it for me: click start>run and type: regsvr32 "C:\WINDOWS\system32\quartz.dll". It told me it was successful. And now my WMP plays DVD perfectly. Let me know if it helps for you. I also forgot to mention that you should make sure you have the quartz.dll file in c\windows\system32. It is an essential file for WMP 11. If it is missing, download it from the internet and move it to the folder above.
    Then run what I suggested above. Let me know.

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    re: How to fix Windows Media Player Error C00D11B1

    Tried your method but still cannot resolve the problem - WMP 11 could not open my VCD "DAT" video file and prompted me with the same error code.
    I am using Win XP.

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    re: How to fix Windows Media Player Error C00D11B1

    There could be several aspect which is causing the problem for you. it could be that the required codecs is not been installed or missing and hence you are not able to get the .dat file to be playable on your system. I would suggest you to get the required codec for your player. Other than that you can try out by renaming the .dat file to .mpg and then try to execute the file. I hope you may then be able to open the video file without any problem in your Media player. Check out. If still this do not resolve your issue then do check out for Direct X version that you are using. For the same you have to follow a procedure which is given as below:

    • Click on start menu
    • Now you have to type dxdiag in the run command and hit enter
    • Under the system tab make a note of DirectX version that appears in the System Information box.
    • Now click on DirectX files tab and then note Quartz.dll file version

    Upgrade to the latest pack which supports your system.

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    re: How to fix Windows Media Player Error C00D11B1

    Thanks Vigi.C. I tried renaming the .dat file to .mpg but still cannot execute the file.May I know how to find the required codec for my player. I have downloaded WMP verion 11 quite a while ago and it has been working fine previously. Now, I could not open my VCD "DAT" video file with WMP and my video editing software (which was working fine previously too). Both WMP and video editing software have no problem with all other file formats -- wma, wmv, mp3 But I could still open the "DAT" video file with VLC Player and VirtualDub. I'd like to fix the problem so that I could continue using the video editing software which I bought a while ago.
    The Windows Media Player error message Web Help prompted me to the page below:

    I have done the following steps :
    Downloaded all the Microsoft Windows Updates
    Checked using the instructions provided to confirm that all the Audio devices are working properly.


    I am currently using:
    Windows XP
    Windows Media Player 11
    Microsoft Direct X9
    Quartz.dll file version 6.05.2600.5933

    According to Microsoft, Direct X version 10 and 11 are not available to Windows XP:

    Would appreciate if you or anyone could advise further.
    Many thanks in advance.
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