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Thread: Can't connect WMP11 to Xbox 360

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    Can't connect WMP11 to Xbox 360

    This is Windows XP SP2 running with Windows Media Player 11. I updated WMP to version 11 just few hours ago. Now as I have Xbox 360 as well, I wanted to share my PC media over Xbox like I was doing earlier with WMP 10. Now after the upgrade, when I go to the settings and click "Share my Media", WMP gets freezed for about a minute and nothing happens.

    So far, I tried doing the settings many times as well as disabled firewall, disconnected and reconnected xbox with PC also but nothing seems to be working.

    Somebody please help me out.

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    Ok so here is a pickle. I had my Xbox media player hooked up to a lap top witch is now broken. but to hook it up to a new pc i need to use the old laptop to diconnect it before i can connect the new one (if that makes any sence) does this mean i have to buy a hole new hard drive????

    Thanks for sharing that but aren't those services set to start automatically
    by default? If not, do you happen to know what the default settings were
    before you changed them? Were they set for "manual" start instead?

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    Re: Can't connect WMP11 to Xbox 360

    in the compliation of wiin xp and 360, i am trying to media share to my xbox frm my pc. i have done all applicable steps in the microsoft media share setup guides. that is not the issue.

    I HAVE FOUND that the standard firewall in win xp is blocking the name and device type of my pc. I go to my routers attached devices page and find that my pc is listed as unknown. i turn the xp firewall off, it then says"desktop". i turn the firewall back on, it goes back to unknown.

    what would cause the pc to have its name and device type blocked, hence, firewalls are SUPPOSED to block incoming info, not what your pc is broadcasting.

    this is probably an indicator for someone to resolve this issue, as a lot of people are experiencing this too.

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    My pc could not detect my Xbox and vice versa (tried all options(believe me) but decided to go with wmp11)

    My setup was Router/PC(XP sp 2 with windows media player 11)

    The service: Universal Plug and Play Device host was disabled(default setting) I started it and set it to automatic and it worked instantly.

    I have the same problem, but this answer didn't help me out. Any one got any other suggestions??

    Same problem here, I went into services.msc from cmd prompt and restarted the service 'Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service'. Worked after that! Hope that helps someone....

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    Re: Can't connect WMP11 to Xbox 360

    This is what worked for me:

    Start -> Control Panel -> Windows Firewall
    "Exceptions" tab
    tick "File and Printer Sharing"

    Hope this helps someone

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