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Thread: srt subtitles

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    srt subtitles

    I have used BsPlayer in past where I was able to play movies with subtitles but just putting the .srt files in the movie folder. Now I use Windows Media Player 11 on Windows XP and have downloaded few subtitles. But it is not detecting/playing the subtitles though there are kept in the movies folder.

    I tried to run them manually but not getting any option to play them as well. Can you guys please tell me how can we make WMP to play subtitles with movie?

    Thank you.

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    RE: srt subtitles

    Similar to BsPlayer, even Windows media Player detects and plays the subtitle if you have both movie and srt in the same folder but only condition is to have both files with the same name. I mean, if the movies name is abc.avi, srt should also be and both should be in same folder. It is simple, isn’t it?

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    Re: srt subtitles

    I appreciate your info Janairo but it is not correct. Windows Media Player will do this only do this for SAMI format files, it doesn't support subripper files.

    What you can do is better install vobsub, this will implement the correct subtitle playback.

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