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Thread: How to add more visualization to Windows Media Player

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    How to add more visualization to Windows Media Player

    I am looking for more visualization for Windows Media Player. I am having a laptop with Windows 7 on it. And I am having a Media Center edition here. I had connected my HDTV on it. I stream videos and audio to the TV directly through the system. For music I love to watch visualization. But the existing one are quiet dull. I am looking for more better one. I downloaded some from web, but they are not working in full screen mode. There is just a black screen. Can anyone provide me a proper location from where I can download more cooler visualization.

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    Re: How to add more visualization to Windows Media Player

    All visualization does not work in full screen mode. Very few of them are working. It is essential that you must get it from the official site only. I am giving you a link below which has ample of information about adding visualization on the media player. Just download that and add it in your player.

    Windows Media Player Visualization

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    Re: How to add more visualization to Windows Media Player

    Visualization works well if you are having a good graphic card in your system. I am using Winamp here. It is having some of the best visualization effects. I was using Media Player before, but found buggy with different set of new visualization which downloaded from the web. Also it does not looks there is any developer which is really working hard on creating more new kind of effect for this player. For it I think Winamp is the best one. You can check a big list on the official website. Compare to Media Player, Winamp offers more graphical output here. It is more cooler and has nice screen display. It works well on full screen. There is no issue with it. While for Media Player some visualization does not really works well. Wide screen resolution are well handled by graphic card. Onboard video memory is just useless here. It is essential that you must atleast once try out Winamp. And if you face any issue with rendering then try to contact the manufacturer for upgrading a graphic card. For desktop it is easy to add a gpu but for laptop it is complicated and also costly.

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    Re: How to add more visualization to Windows Media Player

    In different media players, visualization simply comes packed with the software. You can download it from their official website also. But does there is any universal plugin available that can provide is 3D visualization. That means through simple embedding it with any audio player we can get cool effects on the desktop.

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    Re: How to add more visualization to Windows Media Player

    No there is nothing like that available. But there are some nice audio player available that offers you 3D visualization. That output is great here. And as said above if you add a graphic card the output is really improved to great extent. One plugin I found that works with all kind of audio player is Infinity visualization plugin. It is a free plugin available for download. To use this you will need to install SDL and GTK+ 2.0 on your system. While the plugin works without 3D acceleration. It is a nice plugin but has minimum effects. A worth to test for. While there are also some advance tools available. Some of them are SoundSpectrum, VSXu Studio, etc. Among this both I think VSXu Studio is great. It is designed for music lovers who need cool visualization effect on their screen while listening to music. It is a OpenGL-based tool that offers you nice real-time graphic effect on the screen. This is a free tool. Then you simply test this out and see what are the good things in it.

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