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Thread: How to stream multiple videos through VLC

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    How to stream multiple videos through VLC

    How to stream more than one video using VLC. I am trying to stream some educational videos on my small lan network. I am teaching some kids here. Now I am not having any great solution by which I can simply keep all the videos live on all screens. I found VLC. It has option to stream videos but what about multiple streaming. Like streaming different kinds of videos on different screens. I am sure that will be surely helpful to some extent. Is there any other better tool available that can offer this kind of solutions.

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    Re: How to stream multiple videos through VLC

    Try doing one thing. You can simply share the folder that has video content. You can then open those videos on different pc and stream the content through it. I am sure that will be simply enough to fix the problem you are facing. Just share the folder and give location to other people.

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    Re: How to stream multiple videos through VLC

    To stream multiple video through vlc you will need to use VLM. It is VideoLan Manager tool. It is a nice integrated tiny media manager solution that helps you to deal with multiple streaming. It is also extremely simple. For that you just need to use a single instance of vlc here. The feature is know as VoD. This is a nice feature which is added lately in VLC and works via telnet or http. So it is almost quiet easy to configure also. And for a small area network it is extremely simple. To work with telnet you will need to add first telnet interface. By using the command vlc -intf telnet you can launch it. Just launch VLC and go in Settings > Add Interface > Telnet Interface. Once done the interface is added and you can then move ahead with multiple streaming.You will need to configure vod server first and then you can move ahead with multiple streaming. The process is a bit complicated but as you understand the commands used in the same then it will be much more easier for you to fix the problem. The process begins with setting up vod server. I will advice you to go on web and download a manual that can give you complete highlight on the process.

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    Re: How to stream multiple videos through VLC

    I do not think you really require to go with those complicated stuff. As mention in the first reply you can just create a shared resources and allow other people to access the files. You can use any traditional media player application and get the videos.

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    Re: How to stream multiple videos through VLC

    I had gone though that VLC process. It is really very complicated. You have to do a lot of changes in it and if you are not a geek then you will not get results. VLC is a nice media player which is good for running all kinds of multimedia format. But streaming on that is a bit complicated. I too agree to go with shared resources. While there is another easier way to add videos to the system. You can create a media server of your own. And then connect the same to Windows Media Player. Whenever you will launch the same all content from the server will be reflected in the player and video streaming will be easy. Also there are ample of free Media Center software which can help you play the content at a more simple way. I am having around 3 systems at my home which are connected on the wifi and we stream content via Media Center software. So that is a bit more easier instead of going for this kind of command line stuff.

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    Re: How to stream multiple videos through VLC

    Just share it. That's all. Create a icon on the desktop or simply map the network drive in My Computer. That will be more helpful I think. Divide the videos in some format like some name, folder or number. And tell the people how to stream it. That will be more easier I think.

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    Re: How to stream multiple videos through VLC

    I think media center software will be more easier for you. It is essential that you must simply download any open source media center software and create a central repository for the same. Keep all your videos on the same place. Then add the folder in media center tool. That's all. Next time when you launch the application every content will be reflected in that. You can then simply use to for video streaming. It is really helpful to some extent. I am using XMBC. It has a very thin interface and extremely simple to use also. You can just stream the content through the media center tool and there is no issue at all. It works fine. It reads a large variety of video formats also. All you need to do is install appropriate video codecs in your system. That's all. It is quiet simple I think.

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