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Thread: Media Monkey error: “Audio Library Has Stopped Working"

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    Media Monkey error: “Audio Library Has Stopped Working"

    I am running windows Vista operating system on my computer and the thing here is that when I am using the media monkey player then in between I am getting an error message and the media player freezes. The error message that I am getting is “Audio Library Has Stopped Working” and I really don’t know how I can solve the problem. So please let me know how I can get my media player back on track.

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    Re: Media Monkey error: “Audio Library Has Stopped Working"

    The media player that you are using coulde be corrupted and that is the reason why you are getting that specific error. What you can do here is that just uninstall the media monkey player and install any normal one media player like VLC and I am sure that after installing the same you will not get any specific errors on your system. And also media monkey is well known for such errors during the playback of audio/video. I hope that it works in your case.

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    Re: Media Monkey error: “Audio Library Has Stopped Working"

    You have to check whether the audio library from which you are trying to load audio/video is currently loaded on the same drive or not, if it is not then its becuase of the no path found for the library, you are getting such problem. Actually if the media player or the playlists of the same are replaced somewhere else or the path is changed then you will definitely get errors.

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    Re: Media Monkey error: “Audio Library Has Stopped Working"

    To correct the error you have to open Windows Explorer and right click on the corresponding library and choose "Delete” and keep one thing in mind that deleting a library will not delete the contents. However, you may want to re-add the library. To do so simply right click on Libraries by going into Windows Explorer, and click "Restore libraries default". I am confident that doing the same will help you to solve the issue that you are facing.

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    Re: Media Monkey error: “Audio Library Has Stopped Working"

    If you have Quicktime installed in your computer then try to uninstall it and see if that works for you or not. It was noted that there are some issues with Quicktime and Media Monkey installed together.

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