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Thread: Can't burn a cd - please help!

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    Can't burn a cd - please help!

    I have a Vista laptop with Windows media Player 11. There are many songs and videos in the library that I want to burn on a DVD. But when I drag the files to “Drag Here” box and try clicking “Start Burn” button, nothing happens. Infact, that button is not clickable.

    Any idea what is wrong with my system or WMP? Is there any way we can fix it?

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    RE: Can't burn a cd - please help!

    First of all are you sure that you have DVD burner device on your CPU cabinet? I have seen many people posting here the same query and facing problems burning DVD with WMP but they don’t know that they have just a CD burner attached with their cabinet and not DVD burner. So first confirm the same and the reply back.

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    Re: Can't burn a cd - please help!

    I have found the answer, for I too had the same problem. Try this, close windows media player, and then insert your blank cd, then open windows media player and drag your songs over into the burn list and it should leave you with a lit up burn button that you can now click! :)

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    Re: Can't burn a cd - please help!

    Thanks a lot ASlaveofChrist, that really worked..

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