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Thread: Windows Media Player 11 Library

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    Windows Media Player 11 Library

    Is it possible to "read and write" the Windows Media Player 11 Library in the same way I can read an MS Access database in Visual Basic 2008? What I am trying to do is, I want to synchronize the folders in the "My Music" directory to another entries in the WMP Library but I am having more than 5000 tracks and therefore it should be very fast to programm it rather than do it slowly line by line. So can anyone tell me a way on how to do the same? Thanks for any replies.

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    I think that the MediaCollection object provides a way to organize a large collection of media items. It can be queried to generate playlists automatically. The MediaCollection object supports the following methods given in this link - . Also there is the Media object that provides a way to specify or retrieve properties of a media item, using the following properties and methods. The Media object supports the following properties which is explained in this link -

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    Re: Windows Media Player 11 Library

    Can you take a look at the setItemInfo and also pay attention to the isReadOnly from this website - and that will let you know how to set attributes but I think that it should rather work with the library MediaItem entries and not the FileSystem collections. You can also try to check the alphabetical attribute refrence to see which attributes are stored at what place and I dont think there is any cross refrence so you will have to search the entry for each attribute of interest from this page -

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    I have finally found another way to solve this problem. There is this Dale Preston's Library Backup programs that I have used to export the WMP library in XML format. After that I have used Visual Basic to edit the same file so that the track title remains the same similar to the WMA file title and then have successfully restore the XML file to the library. Hope that it helps someone facing similar kind of issues.

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