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Thread: How do I delete duplicate files?

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    How do I delete duplicate files?

    I am using windows media player and i have found that there are many music files that have got duplicated. I want to know if there is a way by which i can scan duplicate ones and delete them accordingly??? Deleting them manually will take more time and i am not willing to do that.

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    I dint understood you properly, i mean you are having duplicates in windows media player or they are in your filesystem ??? If you have them in your file system than there are possibilities where you might have duplicated them while transferring. In that case you you will have to delete them manually. I don't think there might be a way by which you can scan list if duplicate files and delete them all at a time. If they are appearing in your Media library than your media library might have got corrupted.

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    If your media library might has got corrupted than a better workaround will be deleting the library and doing a rescan. You can delete everything form your library by choosing "Delete from Windows Media Player Library Only". Just make sure that you are not choosing "Delete from computer and Library" else you will loose all those files form your PC a well. Once you have deleted the whole library you can go to tools drop down menu and select "Search for Media Files" and let it rescan your system.

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    Rather than deleting the who Library and rescanning for media files I will suggest you to use duplicate finder 2009. I have used it for such tasks quite a few times and trust me it saves lot of time.

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    Re: How do I delete duplicate files?

    If someone has Zune and iPod into same PC/Lap Top . . . Is this a posibility to get duplicate songs into library out of WMP?

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    Re: How do I delete duplicate files?

    I’m sure that Duplicate Finder will be the best assistant for you. It is an award-winning small shareware utility to find duplicate files and to remove duplicate files. It will help you search duplicate files. Try it.

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    Re: How do I delete duplicate files?

    I'd suggest trying this program for dupes finding. It helped me a lot and may be interesting for you too

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    Re: How do I delete duplicate files?

    The most complete duplicate finder and deleter I have found is "Duplicate Files Deleter".

    I have found that, not only is it one of the fastest duplicate finders/deleters, but also is by far the most accurate one because of the way it's search engine uses MD5 info.

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    Re: How do I delete duplicate files?

    use the program Duplicate Files Deleter to find and remove duplicate files.

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