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Thread: Post your Download Speed

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    Post your Download Speed

    Many people keep asking questions like which isp is good, what is the speed and so on. So why dont we post our Isp name, download speeds (day and night), if there are frequent sever downimes and so on. And of course how much the connection costs and if you recommend it.

    ISP : BSES
    Speed : Day - 4-5 kbps, Night - 6 kbps
    Connection : Few Server downtime
    Cost : 9500 for 1 year (w installation) (unlimited surfing)
    Area : Mumbai (Bandra)
    Recommended : NO

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    Systemic Anamoly Guest
    Current ISP: MTNL

    Line: 52kbps (Dedicated Phone Line)

    Speed: Day - 3-5 kbps, Night - 5.5 kbps

    Connection : Very Few Server downtime

    Cost : RS 700 monthly (Unlimited Download) + Rs 3000 (Refundable) + Rs ~500 modem(v.92)

    Area : Santacruz

    Recommended : Yes for Price concious People

    For People Like Me NO

    Scheme:Internet Plan B- Dedicated phone line

    Other Available Schemes
    Internet Plan B-Existing Phone line

    Common Number for Internet throughout Mumbai: 24880000

    Link: NOT Worth it.

    Contact : Telephone Xchange

    Long Lost Previous ISP: Pacenet

    Speed: Day - 9-12 kbps, Night - 20-25 kbps

    Line: 64kbps (Dedicated)

    Connection : No Server Downtime excepts it disconnects every 15 hours for 2-5 miniutes (its a rule, so normal)

    Cost : On cable Distributor; generally RS 3000 including LAN, RS 950 monthly charges

    Area : Santacruz

    Scheme: The Downloader's Delight

    Other Available schemes:
    The chatters Champ (25kbps)
    The Surfers Surprise (32kbps)
    Net Value (128kbps)
    Pace Value (64kbps, Fixed amount of hours monthly)
    Happy Hours (75 kbps duration 10 PM to 9 AM)

    New Inclusions (not on the site)
    Net value (140kbps)
    Monster deal (2Mbps)

    Recommended: Absolutely, Go for it, Pacenet


    Contact: Cable Operator

    Question: Why am i writing this stuff??
    Answer: so in future i can link this thread to anybody having a problem choosing ISPs.
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    ISP: BSNL (DIAS) DSL 128 kbps
    Speed: 12-14 kbps
    Limit: 1.5 GB per month
    Cost: Rs. 1800
    Requirements: You should have a BSNL telephone line and an ethernet card (I think)
    Area: Sesadripuram, Bangalore (available in other areas and cities)
    Remarks: A few server downtimes - My phone has went dead twice in the last two months (Dont know if it is related) - Sometimes there is loud beep and it disconnects for a couple of seconds but comes back up.
    Recommended: Yes
    More information: and your local BSNL office
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    Hey does Pacenet offer in Delhi ??? if yes where is their head office ????

    Speed- 2.5 kBps- 8.0 kBps [its just random]
    ISP- Sify 'Broadband' [yeah right]
    Price- Rs.650/month
    Plan- The only unlimited plan they have, some serious su**age
    Recommended- Don't even think about it.

    though i think i'll be changing my ISP soon

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    abhay Guest
    no pacenet is not in delhi.

    But the site says it does exist in delhi
    PS: the site is quite old but i presume Pacenet is launched in delhi if its not till now then either wait for it or grab its equal competitor.

    Thats expensive alright i thought reliance would be cheaper than other ISPs

    India kahi aisa halat kahe ko hai

    yes it might be "BEING" launched but then you know at how these projects work on break-neck speeds in India.

    Comcast Cable
    24.95 $ per month for 4 months and then 40.95 later.
    400KBps download speed

    Recommend - Well duh!!

    ISP: net4india(broadband) 64kbps
    Speed: always 20+ (30-60 @ night)
    Limit: 10GB
    Cost: Rs 650
    only thing is 10 gb limit..... enough for me........

    ISP : In CablenetSpeed : Day - 2-5 kbps, Night - 6-7 kbps
    Connection : Few Server downtime
    Cost : Rs. 735/- unlimited downloads
    Area : Mumbai (santacruz east)
    Recommended : surely for normal users

    ISP : Cablewalla - IGate
    Connection : Pretty decent.Some downtimes can suck though.
    Speed: 20K/sec in the day, upto 90-100K/sec at night!
    Cost : 750Rs.Unlimited everything.
    Area : Mumbai - Altamount Road.
    Recommended - For sure!

    isp------ IGATE

    cost---- 2000 installation and 750 per month

    scheme--- unlimited d/l and u/l

    downtimes---- when down, it could be 3 to 4 hours, eale steady

    bandwidth----- 200k d/l speeds at day 20k and uncapped at nights , so it could be anything inbtw 20 and 60k or even more

    area----- mumbai, south mumbai

    i reccon this to all heavy downloaders.

    airtel 128kbps
    12-14k mornings
    14-16k nights

    ISP - Local cablewala
    Plan - Unlimited
    Speed : Day 7-8Kbps, Night - 18Kbps
    Cost - 2400 for 3 months

    guys bumped on this so thought of posting it here
    check it out

    @ godmode
    didnt know bout bharti. and yes this really $ucks still stickin to KBps. but i have a hunch tht by early 2006, 256K and 512 might become standard in india

    Isp:local cablewala(skynet)
    Plan:nightplan(9pm to 9am)
    download cap:none(unlimited)
    Actual download speed:-3kb max
    Monthly rent:725 (Can u believe it? )
    Downtimes:Once in a month or so.

    ISP:- Reliance BroadNet
    Connection:- 75Kbps Unlimited,Single User
    Cost:- Rs.490 p/m(Tax Extra)
    Average Speeds:- 8KB/s - 9KB/s
    Customer care is the worst......

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    ujjwal Guest
    ISP - Sify
    Scheme - Shared Unlimited downloads (32-64KBps)
    Cost - Rs. 2500 Installation, Rs. 600 Per Month
    Speed - 7.5 KBps mostly, occasionally 3 KBps
    Server - Few Downtimes
    Recommended - For people who want to download a medium amount of software, not ISO's or linux distributions
    Annoyances - After a while one will need to use a BBClient to connect, which will install a crappy antivirus (can be got around)

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    ISP - Iqara BG
    Scheme - Iqara Delight - Unlimited downloads (64KBps)
    Cost - Rs. 750 Installation, Rs. 750 one time modem rent, Rs. 1350 Per Month
    Speed - 13-14 KBps constant, with occasional bursts of 30-40 KBps
    Server - Very Few Downtimes (once in 3-4 days, that too just 20-30 mins)
    Recommended - sure

    the main advantage is that i got a static ip with this plan....n also all p2p softwares work fine...i download 950-1100mb per day...i know its a bit expensive, but thats the best i can get in pune

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    IceFusion Guest
    ISP - spectranet(thru a local net provider)
    Cost 1000 for installation and 500 extra if u want a lan card.....600 per month
    Speed 4-5kbps constant with bursts at night smtimes ranging till 20kbps
    Server - very few downtime....once in 3-4 days
    Recommended - its ok nthing great

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    Noida India
    Local Cable Wala Guy Giving Internet Access
    Constant Download 10-13 KBps
    Occasional Bursts 30-40 KBps
    Charges : Depands on the plans...

    I am having a 150 Hour plan for three months with unlimited download for Rs 1350/- otherwise there is 990/- per months with unlimited time and 1 GB data transfer...

    Rig 1 : A64 3200+ | ASUS A8V E Dlx | 1 Gig Transcend | XFX 6800 GT | Seagate 80Gb Raid | Seagate 160 Gig Backup | Samsung 997DF | Sony DRU 800 | Logitech Z5300 | Microsoft IE 3.0
    Rig 2 : XP 2400+ | MSI K7N2 Ultra ILSR | 512 Generic DDR | XFX 6600 GT | Seagate pata 160 Gig | Samsung 793MB | LiteOn DVD Rom | Samsung 52x CDRW | Creative FPS 1500 | MS Wireless optical combo

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    ISP - Exattnet
    Scheme - 128Kbps
    Speed...daytime 13-14 KBps and nite 16-17 KBps
    occasionally...once in a month....speeds of 250-300 KBps for a day or so
    Cost - Rs 992 per month
    Location - Mulund (Mumbai)
    Downtime - few hrs every week (its a prob with local cable fellow n not da ISP)
    Recommended- Surely

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    ISP : Reliance (Fixed Wireless)
    Speed : 115Kbps (actuals--> 70kbps night, 40lbps day)
    Connection : Have not seen a server down.
    Cost : Rs.30/ph 6:30am to 10:30pm
    Rs. 13/ph 10:30pm - 6:30am
    Area : Pune (Kalyani Nagar)
    Recommended : Yes (but Costly so I am switching to sify)

    Good thread.
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    digen Guest
    ISP: Touchtel (Bharti)
    Scheme: Touchtel DSL(Unlimited Downloads -64Kbps)
    Speed :6.7Kbps Constant
    Server :Always alive, has never gone down till this very moment.
    Cost: 799(Plan)+99(Modem rent)+180(i dunno)=1078 + Service tax.
    Recommended- yeah its cool.

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    24 Online ... Elitecore ,
    During the Day - 2.5 kb
    Night ( 11pm to 8 am ) - 12 kb

    9 k for 12 months ... unlimited usage

    recommended - yup.

    Does Pacenet provide in Andheri west side ???

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    Systemic Anamoly Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by play_safe
    ISP: net4india(broadband) 64kbps
    Speed: always 20+ (30-60 @ night)
    Limit: 10GB
    Cost: Rs 650
    only thing is 10 gb limit..... enough for me........
    i didnt know they gave a limit download also.
    and btw i think net4india gives shared connection
    my very first connection was 64k from net4india never got that kind of speed
    used to get 2-3k morning, evening and night
    upgraded to 128k used to get around on average 7-9k and sometimes 50-60k in the morning (very rare) and that to because i was the only one with 128k shared connection if there would have been other users then i would have got speeds like 4-5k or a little more
    thats y i kicked those connection and also they had a crappy dialer Cyberroamclient looked like as if some kid created it

    hey play_safe if u r getting that kind of speed u r really lucky cause i never got that speed on a continuous basis

    and btw i paid for 64k net4india line RS 725 PM and for 128k RS 700 PM + Unlimited Download

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    Aug 2004

    Hathway - Chennai

    ISP: Hathway

    Line: 128kbps cable

    Speed: 12KBps

    Connection : 98% uptime (but sometimes when needed critically lets me down!)

    Reasons claimed for downtime:
    Cable wars between hathway and SCV (owned by central IT minister maran) - scv cuts hathway cables often!

    Cost : RS 750 monthly

    Plan: 8pm to 8 am and on sundays full day

    Download limit: 1GB (peanuts for powerusers)

    investment on cable modem: Rs 3000

    one time charge for installation arnd Rs 1000

    what you need on ur pc: Ethernet card or USB depending on the modem model

    modem advice: buy motorola surfboard 4200 modem (more expensive! donno current price)
    Problems faced
    Download usage monitoring on hathway server is erratic - always shows more than what i actually downloaded. at nearly the end of the month their download usage page becomes inaccessible and u r left in the lurch about ur usage.

    their webpage claims only download is calculated but in reality it is download + upload

    City : Chennai

    Customer Service

    Recommended : yes, till a better package for unlimited download comes along

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